Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University


Oct 22, 2020 Endogenous retroviruses drive KRAB zinc-finger protein family expression for tumor suppression
Sep 14, 2020 Molecular mechanism of cross-species transmission of primate lentiviruses ―Principle of lentiviral cross-species transmission leading to the emergence of the AIDS virus―
Sep 7, 2020 Identification of a viral factor that impairs immune responses in COVID-19 patients
Sep 7, 2020 A clustering-independent method for finding differentially expressed genes in single-cell transcriptome data

The study of Dr. Vandenbon's group was published in “Nature Communications“.

Jul 15, 2020 Multiomics investigation revealing the characteristics of HIV-1-infected cells in vivo ―Clues for the development of an “HIV-1 cure”-
Jul 10, 2020 Requirement of TCR signal for γδ T cell homeostasis in peripheral organs

The study of Prof. Ikuta's group appears at “Journal of Immunology“.

Jul 7, 2020 Competition between STAT5 and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase under IL-7 receptor signaling modulates T cell development and homeostasis

The study of Prof. Ikuta's group is published at “Journal of Immunology”.

Mar 9, 2020 Development of a novel in silico experimental platform for bone remodeling

The study of Prof. Adachi’s group appears in “Science Advances.”

Oct 17, 2019 A mechanism inhibiting a cartilage formation in the heart

The study of Prof. Sehara’s group is published at “Cell Reports”

Aug 27, 2019 Self-organized formation of limb bud from pluripotent stem cells

The study of Prof. Eiraku’s group is published at “Nature Communications”