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Yonghui Jin


Investigation of pathomechanism and development of treatments for disorders in mesenchymal tissues

The objectives of our department are to disclose the pathology of disorders in mesenchymal tissues at the molecular level and to develop new therapeutic modalities by understanding physiological growth and differentiation of mesenchymal cells. Following projects are currently undertaken.

1. Research on the regeneration of mesenchymal tissues.
We have analyzed on the growth and differentiation property of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) that exist among bone marrow stromal cells and performed a clinical trial of cell therapy for the condition know as osteonecrosis.

2. Research on the transformation of mesenchymal cells
Sarcomas are malignant tumors derived from mesenchymal tissues. We have analyzed the genomic and epigenomic mechanisms of the development of sarcomas using MSC and pluripotent stem cells (PSC).

Mesenchymal stem cells playing a central role in the regeneration and transformation of mesenchymal tissues

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)existing in mesenchymal tissues such as bone marrow stromas have a property for differentiating into various type of cells, They contribute the regeneration of mesenchymal tissues, and also they can be cell-of-origin of malignant sarcomas, which are malignant tumors in mesenchymal tissues. We have induced MSC from human iPSCs and utilize them in these studies.