Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Department of Virus Research,

Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University


About the laboratory:  

Fujita Lab was started in 2005 with just 2 professors and 2 students. Now it has
grown to include 44members, including 34 students, to become one of the largest
labs in the virus institute. We have ongoing regular collaborations with other labs.
Our research mainly focuses on the functional analysis of the viral sensor RIG-I.
We conduct awidevariety of experiments, both in vitro experiments, using
recombinant proteins, cell cultures,fluorescencemicroscopy and atomic force
microscopy (AFM), as well as in vivo experiments using mice and this list is
constantly expanding. Currently we have 15 foreign students, therefore seminars
and meetings are conducted in English and together we are working on increasing
English proficiency within the lab.

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