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Lab. of Tumor Viruses


Associate Professor Hiroyuki Sakai (hsakai∗
Associate Professor Makoto Hijikata ( mhijikat∗

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Research theme

Sakai Group

Papillomavirus infection and its tumorigenic potential: The infection of papillomavirus induces benign tumors, such as warts and condylomas, and occationally they are converted into cancers. We are investigating the molecular mechanisms of the virus replication and the virus-related tumor progression.
Analysis of Wnt intracellular signaling pathway: Wnt signaling regulates a variety of adult and developmental processes and mutations in several components of the Wnt pathway are oncogenic. I am analyzing this pathway in vitro and in vivo.

Horn-shaped warts induced by Shope papillomavirus infection

Hijikata Group

The major purpose of Hijikata’s research group is clarification of lifecycles of human hepatitis viruses, hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus at the molecular level. Development of drugs against these viruses and understanding of chronic liver diseases caused by infection of these viruses are also in the scope of our research. To accomplish those aims, we are now investigating the interaction between those viruses and host cells by using several hepatitis virus culture systems including human hepatocyte derived cells system developed originally in our laboratory.

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Graduate Education

Sakai Group

  • Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Hijikata Group

  • Graduate School of Biostudies
  • Graduate School of Human Survivability Shishukan


Sakai Group

  • Doctor course 3, Master course 4.

Contact Information

Person to Contact Associate Professor Hiroyuki Sakai
TEL 075-751-4010
E-mail hsakai∗

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