Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University

Department of Regeneration Science and Engineering

Lab. of Developmental epigenome


Associate Professor Takashi TADA (ttada∗
Associate Professor Shinichiro CHUMA (schuma∗

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Research theme

Tada Group

Determination of the cell fate is epigenetically regulated through activation or repression of specific genes. Rewriting of information on epigenome is capable of reprogramming of cell, and anti-aging of body. Our aims are understanding of their molecular mechanisms, and development of application technologies.


Chuma Group

During development of multicellular organisms including mammals, genetic stability is differentially regulated depending on developmental stages, cellular lineages and physiological conditions etc. We are investigating (1) how pluripotent stem cells and germline cells, which constitute the germline stem cell cycle, maintain or diversify their genome and epigenome information, and (2) how the genome and epigenome control of the germline-stem cell cycle is coordinated with developmental programs. We also aim to identify genes and pathways with which the genome integrity of stem cell resources can be improved in vitro and in vivo.


Graduate Education

  • Graduate School of Medicine and Medical science


  • (Tada group) Doctor course 3
    (Chuma Group) Doctor course 1, Master course 1.

Contact Information

Tada group
Person to Contact Associate Professor Takashi TADA
TEL 075-751-4114
E-mail ttada∗
Chuma group
Person to Contact Associate Professor Shinichiro CHUMA
TEL 075-751-3821
E-mail schuma∗

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