Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University

Department of Biosystems Science

Lab. of Nano Bioprocess


Assistant Professor Rinshi Kasai (rk∗

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Research theme

Our team is dedicated to (1) methodology development for single-molecule imaging and manipulation at nanometer precisions in living cells, as well as (2) the application of single-molecule techniques to the studies of nano-bioprocesses occurring in living cells, in particular, signal transduction in the cell membrane and the formation and remodeling of the neuronal network. The smooth liaison between physics/engineering and biomedicine is a key for our research. On the basis of the knowledge of nano-bioprocesses learned in the cells (e.g., partitioning of the plasma membrane into submicron compartments and transient formation of signaling platforms in the cell membrane) and the single-molecule bionanotechnology developed here, we envisage the next-generation nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, and drug discovery protocols.

Figure 1. Single-molecule imaging and manipulation at nanometer precisions in living cells.
Figure 2. Signaling by Ras-Raf transient molecular complexes,
revealed by single-molecule methods developed by us
Figure 3. Plasma membrane compartments induced
by the actin membrane skeleton and proteins anchored to it.

Graduate Education

  • Graduate School of Engineering


  • Doctor course 1, Master course 2.

Contact Information

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