Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University

Research Center for Infectious Diseases

Lab. of Infectious Disease Model


Professor Hirofumi Akari (akari.hirofumi.5z*

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Research theme

This laboratory is newly established in 2013 for active and effective collaboration between Institute for Virus Research and Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University.
We are investigating the mechanisms for the viral persistency and pathogenesis of intractable viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV), by employing novel non-human primate models for the viral infection. We also seek to contribute to the development of new therapeutics and antiviral vaccines.

Graduate Education

  • Graduate School of Science, Division of Biological Science


  • Research student 1, International Internship student 1.

Contact Information

Person to Contact Professor Hirofumi Akari
TEL 075-751-4798
E-mail akari.hirofumi.5z∗

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