Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University

Research Center for Infectious Diseases

Lab. of Virus-Host Coevolution


Associate Professor Takayuki Miyazawa (takavet∗

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Research theme

Many viruses induce a variety of diseases in animals and humans; meanwhile, they are also involved in the hosts’ evolution. Mammals acquired various antivirals to counteract pathogenic viruses in the past, and these antivirals evolved through time. Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) occupy about 10% of mammalian genomes. New exogenous retroviruses arise from ERVs by recombination and induce diseases in the new hosts. On the other hand, certain proteins derived from ERVs are known to be involved in placental morphogenesis. In this laboratory, we aim to reveal the mechanisms of the emergence of new viral diseases and the process of coevolution between mammals and viruses.


Graduate Education

  • Graduate School of Science


  • Doctor course 3, Master course 1.

Contact Information

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TEL 075-751-4814
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