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Department of Biosystems Science

Lab. of Cell Fate Dynamics and Therapeutics


Professor Takahiro Ito (takahiro.ito∗
Associate Professor Ayuna Hattori (ayu.hattori*
Assistant Professor Kenkyo Matsuura (kenkyo.matsuura*
Assistant Professor Sayumi Okigawa(okigawa.sayumi.5m*

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What We Study

What determines how stem cells and cancer behave?
The primary goal of our research is to understand the molecular basis of self-renewal and differentiation in stem cells and cancer, i.e. cell fates. Specifically, we study hematopoiesis and myogenesis to identify cellular machinery that regulates tissue homeostasis and regeneration as well as molecular drivers of transformation that lead to human malignancies such as leukemia. We are particularly interested in the stem cell regulatory circuits governed by RNA binding proteins and cellular metabolism. Recent studies, including our own work, have revealed that normal stem cells and cancer share similar cellular hierarchy and regulatory signals while several components are distinct in these tissues. These results showed us that understanding machineries operating in stem cells and cancer could help us to develop new effective approaches to treat human diseases including cancers.

Academic Affiliation

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Takahiro Ito, Ph.D.
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