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Associate Professor Shinichiro Chuma Associate Professor

Shinichiro Chuma

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Our group aims to understand the genome and epigenome control during the developmental process of cells and organisms. In particular, we focus on pluripotent stem cells and germline cells to elucidate the regulatory crosstalk between developmental programs and genetic stability in the germline stem cell cycle. We also carry out characterization and quality assessment of genome and epigenome profiles of human embryonic stem cell resources at the Human ES Cell Research Center.



Shinichiro Chuma


The genome integrity of pluripotent stem cells, which give rise to all the cell lineages including the germline, is of fundamental importance to both basic biology as well as biomedical application. However, it remains largely unclear whether and how the genetic stability of pluripotent stem cells and germline stem cells is properly coordinated with their cellular proliferation and differentiation programs. To better understand these issues, we are carrying out systematic and detailed characterization of DNA damage responses in mouse embryonic stem cells, germline stem cells and their differentiated progenies. Our research aims to understand the developmental stage and/or cellular context dependent control of genome stability and diversification in the germline stem cell cycle.

Relative Expression against Replication Index (RERI)

FISH analysis of human pluripotent stem cells (A) M-FISH (B) interphase FISH