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Joint Usage/Research Center

Joint Usage/ Research Center Program for Transdisciplinary Collaboration on Viral Research, Stem Cell Science and System Biology

Joint Usage/ Research Center Program for Fusion of Advanced Technologies and Innovative Approaches to Viral Infections and Life Science (~FY2021)

P3 level infection experiments using mice and monkeys are indispensable to understanding human infectious diseases and developing new therapeutic strategies for applications in clinical settings. These experiments require animal-raising facilities as well as supervision, support and education by academic and technical staff with sufficient expertise. The institute is equipped with a large-scale facility for P3 infection experiments involving mice and monkeys. As well as virus research at the gene and cell levels using state-of-the-art research techniques, we use this facility to conduct in vivo infection experiments.
Our accumulated research techniques are distributed widely to research communities through joint usage/research.

Joint Usage/ Research Center Program for Transdisciplinary Collaboration on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (~FY2021)

Based on our expertise and technology in regenerative medicine, we promote a wide range of cutting-edge joint research projects and assist the education and training of researchers actively engaged in regenerative medicine.
Our main research includes fundamental research to understand biological mechanisms, regulations and materials and develop related technologies and applied research to develop treatments and create regenerative tissues or organs for clinical applications.